Bargue – Back to the Drawing Board

I never went to art school. I did go to Graphic Careers one year the year before it was shut down for incompetence and illegal activity…. but I dare say I didn’t pick up any actual art instruction there (a lot about design and type and such, but no traditional drawing).

At the point in my life when it would have made sense to go to Art School I was too busy being drunk and stupid and wouldn’t have gotten anything out of it anyhow. Even if I had been sober enough to show up for class.

Since then I have been trying to take classes and learn as much as I can to further my development as an artist. Yesterday I started at a very small (starting up) atelier school in Buffalo. There I will be taking a class based on Bargue. There is almost no room for interpretation in this type of art. It is exercises designed to teach the student to see and replicate as accurately as possible. It is a very scientific method to drawing.

I am looking forward to learning art from this angle and exercising new art muscles.

The first class was mostly explaining the program and setting up our equipment.

I can honestly say that I have NEVER made pencils this sharp!

very very sharp pencils Bargue drawing back Charles Bargue

Drawing on the left is the guide and drawing on the right is my version of it. Obviously these will be developed more next time.

~ by justteejay on September 22, 2014.

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