Catching Up Again

I know that people keep saying how time just flies as you are getting older – I must be there because I am constantly asking myself how that much time could have passed already.

So here is some of what I have been up to lately. I think there are a bunch of tattoos that I neglected to post in there again so if your tattoo hasn’t shown up here yet, please don’t take it personally.

I have been busy busy busy which is good for me and I love making stuff.

This drawing came about for a couple of reasons. One I had a lot of fun drawing the cameo for Jessica’s tattoo and I wanted to try making a monochrome drawing of a cameo (blew it by adding black, but it started out just blue). Two a friend has asked me to design some bicycle themed tattoos for her. This wasn’t at all what she had in mind (and I knew that when I started drawing it), but I went ahead and made her anyhow. I am playing with making prints of this available – but haven’t really sorted out the layout at this point. bicycle lady drawing   Finished up this little flying mousie that I started at the last convention. He is scanned in and now available as prints from Prints on Wood.Winged Mousie - Moving On Ditto with the little flying bunny. Except he (she?) can be found here—-> Prints on WoodBunny Flies - Bunny Love This little squirrel got drawn because someone that that I follow on Instagram posted a little girlie squirrel and I wanted to make one too. Since I was busy scanning and uploading – this one went on Prints on Wood also. I ordered a sample print of this one on the white and was really happy with the way that it came out. Better than nuts Frank came in for another session on his left forearm. Got better photos this time and really looking forward to more work on this one. I did not make the lettering that is along the side of his arm. Progress on Frank's Arm tattoo Second session on this double cover up tattoo on Adam. Seems to be covering really well. One more session to add the wings and make sure that nothing else is peaking out anywhere that it shouldn’t be. dragon cover up tattoo dragon cover up tattoo Fancy Tail MerMouse. Just because. Now I know I am starting to sound like a broken record or just shamelessly plugging my prints…. but this one is also at Prints on Wood. I think this one may be a series. There is a cat shark in the works and another merbunny (possibly with wings – we will have to see).    fancy tail mer mouse Mitch talks me into tattooing things on him that I wouldn’t normally tattoo. But that’s one of the perks of having a tattoo artist for a GodMother. est 1993 stomach rocker tattoo Made this portrait of Navaeh on her Dad. Would really like to get healed up photos as his arm is pretty angry here.  portrait tattoo Put some (more) finishing touches on Julia’s Garden sleeve tattoo. By her own admission the top of this is a little bit tan – but I had to grab photos since I don’t know when I will get to see her again. Garden sleeve tattoo - feminine Kristine stopped in to book an appointment and went home with the mousie painting original. He doesn’t have a name yet, so she promised me she would let me know when it is figured out. Also she is going to send me a photo of him in his new home as that makes me happy. Kristine with painting And last but not least – I made a traditional(ish) tattoo for Andy. Again, not the type of work that I normally do – but Andy gets special treatment. Also it’s his stomach and since traditional tattooing is much quicker than realism it was a good choice for the area. traditional eagle tattoo stomach Off to go make more stuff. Any requests? I start back to painting class on Monday and I will need some new ideas to work on.

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