An Octopus Sighting and some other Tattoos

Frank stopped in for another session on his forearm. We missed a couple of appointments in there. So I am anxious to get back to working on him regularly again. Think the face will be going in next time which will fill this in much more.  goat skull tattooIt’s been a while since I’ve made a Celtic cross tattoo. Not as popular as they once were and I have Starr in the Webster shop who also makes her own celtic designs. Nice and relaxing to work on if the client sits still which Devon did (surprising for anyone’s first tattoo). celtic cross tattoo Debbie came in for another session and a new tentacle added on to her octopus tattoo. This one is obviously going to be an epic piece when it is completed. I also found out that she has a big thing for special effects make-up and prop work – so if you know anyone who needs any of that done…. Let me know and I will put you in touch. in progress octopus tattoo in progress octopus tattoo Had fun with this harmonica tattoo. The harmonica belonged to his great-Grandmother. Pretty cool. Must have been an interesting lady. No good way to way to photograph this one since it wraps the inner arm. irish harmonica tattoo harmonica tattoo Tom stopped in so that I could get a healed photo of the memorial piece that he got for Steve-O a few weeks back.

memorial tattoo portrait



~ by justteejay on August 25, 2014.

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  1. Looks great!!! glad to see she survived and finished it 🙂

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