Pagoda City Tattoo Fest 2014

Absolutely amazing show. So many old friends and some new ones as well. The line up of talent that was sitting in that room was outstanding.

Since I had spent so much time painting in Asheville I went out on a limb and didn’t even bring any tattoo equipment with me to Reading. There are a lot of reason why. I had started to type them out here and realized that it was super boring and not worth explaining. So as a friend used to say “because I can”.

I think that I have the Malefibunny all sorted out now. I am happy with her and as long as she didn’t get damaged coming home, she will get signed and be finished.

Malefibunny Malefibunny Started playing with another flying rodent. This one has wandered a little bit in direction. I will be curious to see where he lands when he finally finishes figuring out who he is.mouse painting mouse painting flying mouse painting flying mouse painting in progress flying mouse painting in progress flying mouse painting in progress flying mouse painting in progress flying mouse painting in progressIMG_8034mouse IMG_8036mouse A friend of mine (Holly, you’ve heard about her a lot). Stopped on her way down to the convention to pick up a new skull friend. While she was there she stumbled across this absolutely beautiful torso and decided to bring him into the family as well. He will be displayed in a much more fitting manner – but while he was with her in the hotel room I grabbed some reference photos.   human ribcage IMG_8075parts It’s not clear in the photos but this skull has “til death do us part” carved into the forehead. I’m sure there is a great story for that one – but it has been lost to time. I’m sure some of you creative folks could come up with some good tales to explain it.til death do us part on skull rib reflections I just love the reflections on the desk. ribs Back to painting in the booth. This one is based off of a tattoo design that I may never get to make as the young lady who requested it has found herself setting out on a big exploring journey that may not bring her back to Rochester… and if it does, she may be a changed enough person that a new design would be in order. We shall see. In the meantime I will take good care of her little bird. I’m not sure about this painted version however. I was really struggling with it and it may need to be redesigned and/or scrapped. Again, time will tell. IMG_8097bird IMG_8098bird IMG_8099bird IMG_8101bird  Rodent undergoing some more alterations. IMG_8102mouse IMG_8103mouse IMG_8105mouse IMG_8106mouse IMG_8107bird IMG_8108bird More details coming out in the bird. And then, just something ridiculously cute. Because sometimes we all need a little more fluffy bunny in our lives. IMG_8109bunny IMG_8110bunny IMG_8111bunny IMG_8112bunny This trip I was FINALLY able to get one of the tall Otto sculptures. I have one of his flat pieces and haven’t been able to pick one of htese up before. Now that I am back and forth to North Carolina more and know how to get in touch with Otto, I am hoping to pick up some more. This guy is now happily residing in the front window of the Greece shop (the sculpture that is, not Paul). IMG_8114PaulwithOttosculpture Obligatory booth shot that I forgot to take until the last day 🙂 IMG_8115boothempty IMG_8117bunny IMG_8118bunny IMG_8119booth IMG_8121Holly&EveAnn IMG_8122bunny IMG_8123JoeandMyke IMG_8124Rodney&LilTommy IMG_8126me&Chris IMG_8128Holly&Chris IMG_8130Me&Myke IMG_8131Myke&Willi Not as much painting as I thought that I would get finished, but there were so many good friends and so much inspiration there that I don’t mind at all. Pagoda City Tattoo Fest Artists Tag

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