and there were Prints

Lots of people have asked me to make prints of my work. It’s a new area for me. After a bunch of research (and way more stalling and feeling confused) I have had a few of my prints professionally scanned so that I could get prints made.

Most of my artist friends tell me that the biggest problem with prints is getting them framed and ready to hang. So keeping this in mind I have opted to do my first ever prints through a company called Prints on Wood…. I bet you can guess what comes next. They print on wood! Yep, so there is no mucking about with having to have them framed or any of that nonsense. Open the package – find a spot on the wall and you are good to go. The smaller size prints even come with little wooden stands so that you can display them on a table or whatever.

I will have some of these prints made up full size and hang them in the shop so that people will be able to come in and see them and buy them in person if they prefer. Right now all I have are the small size sample ones that I had ordered to make sure I was happy with the colors and the finishes. I will be taking them with me to the Pagoda City Festival this weekend and if there are any left over I will bring them back to sell out of the shop.

I will be getting some others scanned and they will be available are prints as well. Some of them I have decided for various reasons not to sell as prints. If you are looking for one in particular let me know.

In the meantime they are available here Prints on Wood – Artist – TeeJay


Delirium print Flying Rodent print March Hare print Gypsy Skull Lady print

Obviously the prints don’t have the watermark on them.


I also think there is a little “Like” button for facebook, so even if you don’t want to buy any prints, but you would like to be supportive – Please “Like” of “Share” from the page.


~ by justteejay on August 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “and there were Prints”

  1. don’t know if you have gotten 20,000 responses that say this, but… the link says “No items found”
    on the printsonwood site. gretchen

    chaos… the disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space


    • I went home all excited to show Paul and we figured out my prints only show up on my page when I am signed in. Which is of course completely useless.
      They did tell me they switched servers over the weekend and are experiencing glitches. Hoping this one clears up quickly.

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