How is my Garden Doing?

Some tattoos, some paintings… you know. All the usual stuff.

Made this Crimson Ghost tattoo for Chas right before he went out of town on a run. So I am curious to see how well it healed up with him being on the go and not being able to take care of it.    crimson ghost tattoo I’m having prints made of some of my paintings and am working out the details and getting sample prints done up to get the colors right before I move to full scale prints. These will be printed directly on wood, so they will be ready to hang with no framing necessary. I will let you know here when they are ready to go.  Delirium prints Got another great session in on Matthew’s back piece. One more short session to tighten things up and put the rain on and this one will be another for the History Books. Buddha Naga Muchalinda tattoo back pieceGot some time to work on my paintings a little bit. The owl painting looks like it is finished to me at this point. owl painting The NightBird I can’t decide if it is finished or not. Time will tell. nightbird painting A picture of my cat Toby because he is awesome.Toby catmaleficent jackalopeMy Maleficient Bunny is not finished. Still needs something – but I can’t sort out what it is. Might need to repaint this character into a scene or something instead of having her all by herself like this.
Was kind of surprised that someone else had to point out to me that she is a jackalope. I can be a little slow sometimes.

Figure Drawing. practice. practice. practice some more. The extended break from this coupled with the new format has made it difficult – but since it wasn’t easy before that, it’s all just still practice.   figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing

Very honored to make this portrait of Steveo for Tom. Hoping to get healed photos. Was wonderful to hear all about Steveo while making this tattoo. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet him while he was here – but it sounds like he lived an incredibly full life for the time he had.

“Steveo is the Man!!!”

Steveo memorial portrait tattooMade this foot tattoo for Alexis based on the flowers that she used at her wedding. All of the photos that I took were nicely focused on the floor and my feet – so I stole these off of her facebook page.  foot flowers tattoo in progress foot flowers tattoo  (and my photo)foot flowers tattoo A friend’s daughter turned 18 and got this tattoo. She has been waiting a very long time to have  this done. The drawing is a flash piece modified very slightly and the colors are her request.  turtle tattoo bright colors Andy sat great to let me put this “rusty” hinge in the ditch of his arm. Next time we are working on his stomach. I hope that he does as well with that as he did with this one.  hinge tattoo hinge tattoo I don’t know if I posted it on here or on one of my other media outlets – but I had taken a bunch of paintings that I didn’t know what to do with and wired them to the fence in my back yard. People have been asking me how they are holding up. So here are photos of where they are now. I think winter will be where the real damage occurs.  IMG_7869garden IMG_7870garden IMG_7871gardenIMG_7872gardenIMG_7873garden This one is faring the worst out of all of them. She warped up too much and fell so we had to put holes through the canvas board to get her back on the fence. Sorry Jewels.IMG_7874garden This one will probably fare the best as it is the expensive lead primed canvas that I bought for the Casey Baugh class.  IMG_7875garden Yesterday there were some other canvases that didn’t make the cut. I know a lot of artists burn their canvases – but this seemed to be more economical…. while still satisfying. notburnedcanvas It was nice enough out yesterday to sit outside in the yard and draw. I opted to use this time to work on the flash redraw project. This was a monthly thing – but like so many well intentioned art events seems to be falling apart. I am guessing the is will probably be the last one.       IMG_7878drawingoutside I don’t know who drew the original flash.  bird flashtraditional Bird Flash redraw

Time to toddle on off to Figure Drawing class. Hope that you had an excellent day whatever you did with it.

~ by justteejay on July 28, 2014.

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