Been Stood Up (and I’m Happy about it)

Had an appointment tonight with a friend of mine who apparently has forgotten he is supposed to be here. I’m glad to have the time to get caught up on some things ( I have neglected to text him and ask where he is). I probably should feel guilty about that, but I don’t.

So here is some of what I have been up to.

I tattooed my friend Katie with the new Silverback Instablack. I have been using the black for a little while and absolutely LOVE it! this is the first piece that I made using the grey wash set that Randy is making from the Instablack. It has healed up great and I will post photos and update you when I get healed pictures.


The kitty we made a while back and is settled and healed nicely. I think that was the Stupid Black (also from Silverback).

The drawing from the McMittens Cat Lady shelter found a new home and was well received by the resident kitties.


I keep accidentally calling on Siri when I am carrying my iPad. The last time I did it I told her “I don’t need you Siri” and she responded. Cracked me up…

Siri being a smarty pants

Holly stopped by for a visit and I was finally able to give her the Gypsy Skull painting that she called dibs on before it was even finished.

Holly Azzarra


I put Alex’s daughter on his chest. This was also made with the Instablack and the Grey Wash mixes.

portrait tattoo

I started a cover-up on Adam – he did really well and I am looking forward to adding the color next time.

AdamBeforeIMG_7443 AdamdrawingDragonIMG_7624  dragon coverup tattoo dragon coverup tattoodragon cover up tattoo


and I FINALLY made it back to Figure Drawing…. although I am still not happy with the format change, that may be because I am just grouchy and don’t like change. Hard to say. But I do know that when I wasn’t going I wasn’t drawing as much and definitely wasn’t doing any drawing from life – so I need to make sure to find time in my schedule to continue with this.

A little rusty, but overall not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

figure drawing figure drawing Off to play with an idea that I have for tomorrow… enjoy your evening whatever you choose to do with it ❤



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