Time Traveling

There are a lot of jokes in some of my circles about time traveling. I think some of you refer to it as Blacking Out.

While I haven’t been doing anything that would cause me to black out… it appears that big chunks of time seem to be escaping me as of late. Or as Doc likes to say “Time is just whizzing by”. I’m not sure if that is a factor of getting older, more oblivious or what… but it seems all too often there is a lack of time and this feeling that I am running out of it somehow.

None of which is really that important. Here is some of what I have been up to since I thought that I posted last – but it appears that there is a good chunk of time and at least one post that I thought was here that isn’t. If I manage to figure out where it went I will post the in between stuff for you.

This painting was inspired by the Shoe Factory Art Co-op’s call for entires for “Sirens and Seahorses”. It does seem that I have finished them and could actually make the deadline on this one provided I remember to submit it.

Siren and Seahorse

Gretchen came to town to have a male added to her leg with her female gummie fairie. Apparently only the males of the species have wings. Gretchen suggested this might be because the females of all species sometimes need to get some distance from their partners (no matter how much they may love them). That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Gummie Fairies

Stacy had this black eyed susan done a while back by another artist. We had gone into it once before to add a bit more color and make it more vibrant – but she really still wasn’t pleased with it. This time we branched out a little bit more…

black eyed susan tattoo

I had done a bunch of work on Chaz a few years back. After finishing his right arm and half of his left arm he took a break for a while. Now he is back and we are working on filling in the rest of his left arm and onto his back a little bit. This skull will have a samurai helmet on when he is finished.

Samurai Skull tattoo

Holly and I will be sharing a booth in Asheville. We decided that the combined booth shall be known as the McMitten’s Cat Lady Shelter. This required a new banner and a new drawing. In working on it I was periodically assisted by my own resident Supervisors.

Cat Lady Banner in progress Cat Assistant

Matthew is getting very close to finished on his Buddha/Naga(as Bahamut) backpiece. This has been a great project and I have much enjoyed working on it and hearing about Matthew’s family through his eyes.

Buddha Naga Bahamut backpiece tattoo Buddha Naga tattoo Buddha Bahamut tattoo

The Cat Lady drawing finished…

McMitten's Cat Lady

Then time to make her into a banner:

McMitten's Cat Lady Shelter

Of course in my fury to get a drawing done for the McMitten’s Cat Lady Shelter I completely forgot to make a new one for my personal banner. Oh well. It’s still better than the time I made one out of a hotel towel and duct tape.

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