Casey Baugh Workshop Day 3

Day three was Casey painting from a photgraph instead of from life. It was great to watch him work and I am especially loving the way he deconstructs his work as he is going through. I have always loved lost edges and randomness in other people’s work but haven’t been happy with the way they worked out in my own paintings. I am looking forward to adding new dimensions in my texture and applications.

unfortunately the in progress photos that I took didn’t come out very well. So here are a couple from when he started and when we took breaks.

please forgive my typing and spelling errors on these posts. I am posting from the mobile and I can’t edit text after. I may be able to correct them when I get home and get on a real computer.

Casey’s model for Day 3 is a local photographer name Josh Wool. He has a website and an Instagram (under JoshWool) and is worth checking out. Seems like a super nice guy as well.

Studio cat Casey Baugh at easel Casey Baugh portrait in progress   Studio cat Casey Baugh portrait in progress image Casey Baugh portrait in progress Casey Baugh palette Casey Baugh painting Casey Baugh portrait of Josh Wool Portrait of Josh Wool detail Casey Baugh portrait of Josh Wool detail

Which of course after a day of watching someone else paint I hurried back to the hotel room to push some paint around myself.

I am really liking the brush selection that Casey recommended. Much easier to more with and get the effects I have been trying to get if you use the right brushes. Who knew 🙂

Siren and seahorse painting in progress  March hare painting in progress March hare painting in progress March hare painting in progress March hare painting in progress image March hare painting in progress That’s as far as I made it. Day 4 will be us painting again so I will have more photos of that and hopefully will make more rabbit progress as well.

~ by justteejay on May 15, 2014.

4 Responses to “Casey Baugh Workshop Day 3”

  1. hello! did Casey ever mention what kind of studio easel he is using there? that thing looks heavy duty!

    • He did indeed. He said that it was a prototype that he was helping to develop. It is pretty amazing and has a magnetic mahl stick and looks like it would be wonderful to work with. I am pretty sure he said that it was Edge Pro Gear that he was working with as that is who’s gear he uses primarily. I don’t believe it is out yet.

  2. hey thanks a lot for the info. i’ll be waiting for it to be available then, though i’ll probably have to win the lottery first!

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