Casey Baugh Workshop Day 1

I’m in Brooklyn for a week to take a workshop from the oil painter Casey Baugh. Even though portrait drawing isn’t something I ever plan to make a career out of, I am fascinated by the way Casey works. He works from soft vague shapes and Distills them down into a more and more refined image… As opposed to artists who start out with a tight drawing or underpainting and then conform the rest of the piece to that.
Day 1 was spent watching Casey paint from life (his lovely girlfriend and muse Rachel).


Studio cat  In progress painting by Casey Baugh Casey Baugh stage photo Casey Baugh stage painting Casey Baugh portrait in progress Casey Baugh portrait in proess Casey Baugh painting in progress Casey Baugh painting in progress Casey Baugh portrait in progress Casey Baugh portrait in progress Casey Baugh portrait in progress  Casey Baugh portrait Casey Baugh portrait detailSince day 2 of the workshop will be us painting from life I went back to the hotel room to experiment with the materials that Casey recommended for the class. At least the brushes and the palette. I am using a slightly different medium than he is and he is painting on panels while all I brought are canvases.  I added a bit more to this piece in progress

Suicide bunnies in progress

Then I started putting paint in the canvas for this one. Unfortunately I had already transferred the drawing to the surface, so I wasn’t able to try out Casey’s painting style, but I was still grateful to have  the opportunity to experiment with the brushes and palette before I attempt a human in Day 2.

Siren and Seahorse in progress  Siren and Seahorse in progress image That’s as far as I made it last night. I am not sure if I will be able to paint in the hotel room again tonight. I am staying a mile and a half from the workshop and am not sure how much supplies I am going to be up for carrying back and forth everyday. We shall see, I’m thinking about putting everything in my rolly suitcase and looking like a genuine NYC tourist wandering around with me luggage 🙂

~ by justteejay on May 13, 2014.

2 Responses to “Casey Baugh Workshop Day 1”

  1. Hey TeeJay, I would love to ask you some questions about this workshop regarding some oil techniques, but I can´t find an email to write you, can you please get in touch? Thank you so much 🙂

    • Bruno, my email address is but I don’t know how much help I will be as far s specific technique questions. The workshop was over a year ago and I don’t normally paint the way Casey does… So I don’t know how much of it I will have retained. That being said, feel free to ask away. ~TeeJay

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