Mariah’s Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Sleeve

I know that you have seen pieces of this tattoo here and there as we have been working on it – but this is the first time that I got decent photos of the entire sleeve.

Mariah had been planning this sleeve for a very long time. We actually did the “Painting the Roses Red” rose on the top of her arm several years before making the rest of the tattoo. The “Off with Her Head” lettering on the wrist was done by another artist and unfortunately I don’t remember who.

Most of the tattoo characters are taken directly (or mostly) from the Arthur Rackham versions as they are Mariah’s favorite. I requested the Disney characters of the Bread and Butterflies and the Little Oysters in their beds be included and Mariah humored me.

The Cheshire Cat is a combination of ideas that I put together myself and the Cookies were a request from Mariah and include “Bite Me” as well as the more traditional “Eat Me”.

The entire tattoo with the exception of the bold reds was done with Silverback tattoo ink – They make a really unique tinted grey wash and some of the characters and areas have subtle tints that are easier to see in person than in the photos.

Super happy with the way that it came out (as is Mariah) and I hear that she gets compliments on it often.

Thanks Mariah for having me make this tattoo for you. Big hugs to you girl 🙂

Alice in Wonderland tattoo sleeve  Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit tattoo DoorMouse tattoo Gryphon and Mock Turtle tattoo Mad Hatter tattoo Alice in Wonderland tattoo sleeve underside of Alice in Wonderland tattoo sleeve

~ by justteejay on May 1, 2014.

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