Painting work for my Virtual ‘Fridge

Feeling very much like a small person today. Want to put my pretty pictures up on the ‘fridge. Maybe it’s the weather, I just want to be snuggled up somewhere warm and cuddly.

meh. being an adult offers limited opportunities for getting what we think we want during the course of the day. Fortunately it does offer lots of opportunities for what we need.


I went to painting class yesterday, finished the ducks and got closer to finished on this bunny.

The ducks are going off to live with my accountant and his wife once the painting is dry.

The two photos are taken (top one) with my ipad and (the lower one) with my husband’s now disconnected iPhone. I have been talking for a while about the things that the iPad does with the colors in the tattoos. Now that I have the iPhone for taking photos with I am hoping you will hear (read) far less complaining about the quality of my photos.

mallard duck painting mallard duck painting


Progress on this bunny painting. This one was part of a triptych that I don’t think I am going to finish. I think I will finish this one out of the series and move onto something else.

sad bunny painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress

Hope that you are having a great day and get to feel appreciated and loved in your life.

There are no Figure Drawing photos because I didn’t go again last night. They have changed the format and there are going to be even less short poses and a 2 hour long pose at the end of the night. I don’t know if I am going to go anymore. I really missed the number of short poses that we had before and with the format being limited even further I may try to find something else creative to do with my Monday nights. We shall see.

I’ll miss the classes and the practice, but hopefully will find something that will push me even further in my artistic development.

~ by justteejay on April 15, 2014.

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