Monday Updates – Back to Painting Class and Still Tattooing

So of course just when I promised myself that I was going to start being super regular about posting again – my computer at home decided that it doesn’t want to talk to my devices anymore. Which while it will spare everyone nauseating details about my running regimen, has made uploading photos a complete drag. I’ll figure it out. Or I’ll burn the computer. I’ve been contemplating a bonfire of some stuff anyhow… why not toss some electronics in to make things interesting?

Anyhow, enough whining… here is some of what I have been up to.

Frank’s lower arm is finished. These photos are pretty dark, but I wanted to let you see anyhow. I will try again next time I see him.

Frank's Arm tattoo by TeeJay

Julia came to town and we added some more onto her sleeve and extended it down her arm a touch more. There will be more going on towards the bottom of the tattoo next session. We got the creeping charlie in there this time (I have always known it as creeping charlie, she knows it as gill over the ground) and there is clover to come. I believe some more bees, an ant or two and one other thing which escapes me at the moment.

Jullia's Garden tattoo by TeeJay

Last Monday was the return to painting class (yay!!!). My accountant always takes such good care of me that I wanted to make him and his wife a painting to say thank you. Annie requested something with ducks…. and although every bit of my nature wanted to paint rubber ducks for them, I knew that wasn’t what she meant. It’s not a good gift if I intentionally make something ‘I’ would like instead of something they would like. So here is the first day of working on the ducks…

drawing for duck painting duck painting in progress duck painting in progress duck painting in progress duck painting in progress

No figure drawing photos from last Monday on accounta I didn’t go. So there 🙂

I don’t know if I had posted this before, but I finally mailed the artwork for the Asheville Tattoo Convention (women’s) shirts out to Lil’Tommy and his crew. Hoping that it works well for the shirts.

Asheville Tattoo & Piercing Expo 2014

Hostage the Mouse whilst still in captivity: Hostage the Mouse

Snuck in an early Season ride on Thursday (motivated partially by my car needing a new wheel bearing). Fun to be out riding while there is still snow on the ground (but NOT on the road).

Early Spring Ride   Started a fun piece on Chaz – starts out as a skeleton koi and gets healthier as it goes down his back. There will be more color in this part and more parts to come.

skeleton koi skeleton koi


Was able to finish the color on Marshall’s Steampunk Octopus tattoo – I was super excited that I got to make this tattoo and that such a great client decided to get it. Thank you Marshall 🙂

Steampunk Octopus Tattoo

Got another sit in on Matthew’s Buddha and Muchalinda (Naga) tattoo – this is coming together nicely.

Buudha Back piece tattoo in progress  Chris was nice enough to stop in so that we could get some healed photos of the Balboa tattoo on his chest. Since I was tattooing when he stopped by our Counter Guy Chris took photos for me. It was a Chris day 🙂

Healed dog portrait tattoo Hostage the Mouse spent almost all of her time whilst in our care in this exact same position. hostage the mouse   Sunday I spent a little time working on the Ducks some more. First trying to sand down the gesso ridges that were bugging me. Then adding some of the damaged paint back in.

duck painting in progress ducksIMG_5965

Then off to the Park to set Hostage free finally. She wasn’t in any big hurry to run away from us and I hope all her mouse survival skills kick back in the rest of the way so no one else tries to snack on her. We did take her to Durand so she hopefully will be safe from kitties at least.

hostage the mouse hostage the mouse


I got my Kickstarter rewards in the mail from the wonderful ladies at Scratch Bakeshop which I believe will be located at 113 Park Avenue when they get open. Keep an eye out: they will have tasty treats for those of us with gluten issues. I believe they will also have tasty vegan treats as well. These were French Macarons which are made with almond flour (who knew?) and were deemed very tasty by everyone who sampled them.

Scratch Bakeshop


Today was back to painting class. If I was going to figure drawing tonight I should have left already so it looks like I’m not going this week either. Think I will head home and work on something fun that has nothing at all to do with work in any manner shape or form. This week is booked up with medical tattooing appointments so probably no weekly update again until I paint some more.

sad bunny painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress duck painting in progress sad bunny painting in progress





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