Tattoos that I’ve made since I saw you last

This one is on my friend Michelle. When I posted this on Instagram I got some amazing feedback there and in person. It appears that a lot of people have poppies as their favorite flower. I myself am planting some this year (I had pink ones my Grandma gave me in the backyard but there just wasn’t enough sun for them). Poppies Tattoo   This tattoo is a memorial piece so I don’t feel comfortable explaining the symbols that are in it. If you run into her somewhere I am sure she would love to tell you how awesome her sister was. sugar skull memorial tattoo A new and a healed dog portrait. I apologize I don’t remember these babies names. I want to say the healed one is Rudy, but I honestly don’t remember (another sign I should be posting more frequently). dogportraitIMG_4993 dogprotraitIMG_4994 Jenn was nice enough to stop in so that I could take photos of her double-exposed kitties (the reference photo was double exposed) and since I was tattooing Jesse (Counter Volunteer Extraordinaire) took some for me. Thanks ladies! double exposed kitty tattoo double exposed kitty tattoo double exposed kitty tattoo   We are doing some scar camouflage/covering for my lovely friend Melinda. There will be more of this coming and all of it will be bicycle themed. bicycle lady tattoo drawing bicycle tattoo covering scars   Working on this cover-up of Taz on Paul. Again there are a lot of things going on in this tattoo and you’re not going to “get” why they are there – but that pink thing is a pink fuzzy slipper and the negative waves are going to eventually be Fluff. Like the substance fluff, not an adjective of something that is fluffy.  Stay tuned for the next session which will add the bowling pins from a bowling game on the back of his arm (and probably finish it up as well). taz cover-up   Paul's Arm We are still working on Casey’s Goddesses Sleeve. Making good progress and excited to work on it again soon. Sif Tattoo Goddess Sif tattoo

Mariah started this Brian Viveros tattoo and I finished it up. Making it the first “collaborative tattoo” between Mariah and I. Hoping to have some other ones again in the future (that we get to work on at the same time). Brian Viveros tattooo by MariahBrian Viveros tattoo


Making progress on the Octopus tattoo. Have to take a break for a little bit, but she will be back soon!

Octopus tattoo

Took healed photos of Bob’s Cthulhu tattoo and some stage photos of the piece we are working on now…

Cthulhu tattoo in progress water dragon tattoo


Portraits of his sons for a different Bob.

portrait tattoo portrait tattoo


Another session on Matthew’s Buddha back piece.

Buddha Backpiece tattoo Buddha Backpiece tattoo


Made an outline free lotus piece for Chelsea who thinks she is wiggly…. she has no idea how wiggly most people are when they are getting their ribs tattooed.

lotus ribs tattoo


Got the honor of making Heta the Elephant immortal for Beckie. Super awesome lady with a fun tattoo idea 🙂

Heta the Elephant tattoo Heta the Elephant

There you go. No good excuse for going so long in between posts. While I did become a Grandmother since I was posting last – that didn’t involve and kind of work on my part.


~ by justteejay on March 25, 2014.

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  1. The goddesses sleeve is amazing! ❤

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