Just never seem to be able to come up with clever titles

I made this portrait of Aaron for his brother in October of 2011. I was able to grab a healed photo this week when he was in the shop booking for an appointment with Adam. He has taken good care of it and I was grateful for the opportunity to grab a healed photo. Here is what the tattoo looked like when it was first done. portrait tattoo and what it looks like now. memorial portrait tattoo healed Bob wanted this scene from Revelations 19:15 He had an image that he had pulled from the internet which I had to simplify to fit under his arm. I was unable to figure out who the original artist was. Revelations 19:15 tattoo My friend Clayton came in today to have a Lieutenant tattoo done to celebrate his recent retirement from the Rochester Fire Department. He brought in what was left of a shield that I painted for him in 2008. With some digging around I was able to find a photo of when it was first done. Engine 7 Shield Engine 7 Shield (well used) Quite a few fires and some years of abuse on that one! Now that Clayton is retired hopefully this tattoo will fare much better than the shield did 🙂 Lieutenant Bugle tattoo

Off to have dinner with the family. Hope everyone enjoys their SuperBowl Sunday tomorrow.

~ by justteejay on February 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “Just never seem to be able to come up with clever titles”

  1. very realistic and well done. great artwork.

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