Mondays? I make stuff on Mondays

On accounta it’s my day off and I like to make stuff.

Unfortunately this week was the last Monday painting class at Steve Carpenter’s for a while. I will still be able to go on Monday nights to Figure Drawing – but Steve doesn’t offer Monday classes every semester. The challenge now will to be to make sure I continue to make time to paint every Monday.

Knowing the class was coming to an end I wanted to have a bunch of paintings started. So this Monday in class I spent the time laying out a new painting instead of actually painting.

bunny suicide queen sketch bunny suicide queen full size sketch bunny suicide queen transfer bunny suicide queen transferred to canvas

With that one laid out on canvas I went home to paint.

bunny and wolf paintings in progress bunny paintings in progress crying bunny in progress bunny paintings in progress bunny paintings in progress bunny and wolf paintings in progress


I was in a weird mood and I think I spent more time playing with paint than actually painting…. but that is extremely therapeutic as well.

Monday night was back to Figure Drawing. Still messing around with what I like to use on these. Used charcoal pencils for the shorter poses and regular old plain normal pencils for the longer poses. The pencils are so much easier to work with and draw with – but unfortunately don’t have that nice rich black that the charcoals have.

meh. It’s all learning.

gesture drawings figure drawing figure drawing seated female figure drawing female figure drawing pencil figure drawing pencil

Deb snapped a photo of me drawing in class which she was nice enough to send to me. She is a very talented artist (and I am fortunate enough to own one of her pieces) you can check out her work here Debra VanWert and probably lots of other places online.

TeeJay drawing

Back to playing adult today. I hope that you are enjoying your day.


~ by justteejay on November 19, 2013.

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  1. I look forward to these every week!

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