Relatively Regular Update


Went away for a week. Did you miss me?

Okay, I didn’t go away. I just didn’t post here. Now I’m back to post some more stuff on my virtual refrigerator and hopefully have some one tell me “good job” so I can get that little warm fuzzy feeling of being validated by another human being.

Isn’t that what we all want really?

cover up stencil cover up crow tattoo crow line drawing  His little feetsies are a tad difficult to “get” because there will be a branch for him to be holding on to later.

Adding on to Frank’s forearm with some roses for his daughter.


Added the last little bit onto the bottom of this Luis Royo tribute piece. Luis Royo was one of my early influences “back in the day” when I would read Heavy Metal magazine and my mesmerized by his ability to render skin tones and flesh.

Luis Royo angel tattoo Sketch for a painting that I am trying to sort out and I started on Monday (appears later in the post)….this one smells good  Did some work on both of the bear paintings. I think the larger one is finished and I still need to do some work on the littler one.

bear paintings in progress by TeeJay bear paintings in progress bear oil paintings in progress bear painting in Progress TeeJay bear painting in progress


Our Women’s Group is doing a Flash Redesign project. I’m not sure this is what they had in mind, but I had some down time and I had a lot of fun with it. The original flash is by William Grimshaw.  You can tell which one is mine. William Grimshaw flash  flying bunny sketchWorked on Casey’s Goddess sleeve. I am looking forward to our next session on this one! So many ideas and so much fun to make. Norse Goddess sleeve tattoo in progress detail of Freyja's falcon  This is my cat Toby. He is a rescue and he is overly paranoid so many of my friends have never even seen him. He likes to sleep on my head.

Toby Cat Toby Cat  He’s my favorite kitty – but don’t tell the others.

I brought a bunch of the paintings I have done this year so that Steve and I could talk about where I am going with my work. It’s pretty cool to look back and see how far I have come with my paintings the last couple of years.

paintings by TeeJay  Steve has suggested that I make some triptychs since I am working on this size canvas and they work well. So I started three new paintings on Monday.

IMG_3984inprogress IMG_3985inprogress IMG_3986inprogress IMG_3987inprogress IMG_3988inprogress IMG_3989inprogress IMG_3990inprogress IMG_3991inprogress IMG_3992inprogress IMG_3994inprogress IMG_3997inprogress IMG_3998inprogress IMG_3999inprogress IMG_4001inprogress


I had posted on Instagram last week that our model didn’t show up for figure drawing – but I hadn’t talked about it here. We had some of the class members “stand in”. I found it uber weird to be trying to draw people that I know, so I packed in early.

IMG_4016nomodel IMG_4017nomodel IMG_4018nomodel IMG_4019nomodel  I got home and felt guilty for having crapped out on my practice. So I grabbed my friend’s selfie off of Instagram and drew that. She is actually way cuter than she looks in this. Katie charcoal drawing  This week the model showed. I am still messing around with media and think I used a different pencil/pen/charcoal/marker or whatever for most of these and switched paper for the longer poses…. and Steve got tricky on us and used an underlight which made things weird (and really pissed off the guy who was trying to take photographs).

gesture drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing female back figure drawing under light figure drawing under light

Which brings us to today – I added another dragonfly to Melinda’s collection  dragonflies tattoo and got some more color put into Frank’s Pandora backpiece.Pandora tattoo in progress

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  1. Gosh I wish you were around here. I love your work, and I need a cover up, like WHOA. haha.

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