Yes, I was painting and making tattoos too

I know that my last post was a tad bit brief. It seem that my home computer no longer has the desire to deal with pesky things like photo imports. I can understand. There are days when I don’t want to do what I am supposed to be doing either.

But I was still making stuff this week. I had two full days at medical facilities and one day when life got in the way of work… so there isn’t as much as I would like. But truth be told – I never make as much stuff as I would like. If I could figure out how not to sleep so that I could spend more time painting and tattooing I would. And that’s saying a lot because I really really like sleep.

A friend of mine who doesn’t like to be mentioned on the internet sent me flowers. Thank you. They are beautiful and much appreciated. flowers Wayne came in to get some touch up work done on the portrait of his son Mason that we made a few weeks ago. I was able to (remembered to) take a photo of the one that we made of his son Evan a few years ago. Next time I should remember to take the photos in better light. I know you are all used to my photography skills at this point.

Mason’ face is swollen in a few spots here from the touch up. Evan - portrait tattoo Mason - portrait tattoo Since Mariah has been out we have all been chipping in to help tattoo some of her appointments. Saturday I made this TokiDoki tattoo for Kevin. Since he can’t wear his wedding ring (and this tattoo is for him and his wife) he also got a mini version on his ring finger. toki doki tattoo toki doki heart tattoo  I think that I finished the newborn delivery painting that I was working on. A few more days of starting at it to be sure and then I will sign it and send it on off to the amazing young woman that I painted it for. new baby delivery painting new born baby delivery painting With one painting wrapped up is was time to start on another. This time I am revisiting bear. There will be a companion painting to this one that I haven’t quite figured out yet. bear painting bear painting work in progress bear painting work in progress bear painting work in progress bear painting work in progress bear painting work in progress

The mice were an idea that I had for a super secret squirrel project that I am working on. I don’t think the mice will actually work out for what I had in mind. So maybe I will paint them or maybe they will wind up being for something else. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. couple of mice - one with wings Enjoy your day and do something that you love.



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