So much going on….

I’ve heard people talk about “good stress” and how when there are lots of things going on – it can be stressful. Even if it is “good” things – like when someone is getting married or having a baby, these are “good” events in our lives – but they can still lead to feeling overwhelmed.

I am in the midst of feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it has felt like way too much and other times I wonder what the heck my problem could possibly be – but either way at every corner the world has put a bunch of people in my path who have been wonderfully supportive sometimes when they didn’t even know it. I would love to list a bunch of them here, but the little Bird of Paranoia that lives in my head tells me that for sure I will forget someone and they will be hurt. So instead I throw a great big THANK YOU! out to the Universe and the people in it, and in my life.

Thank you for picking me up. Thank you for hugging me and loving me, most especially on the days that I don’t feel like I deserve it at all.

I am loved beyond measure and so very very fortunate to have a wonderful circle of family, friends and acquaintances who make all days worth it. I am truly blessed.

Thank you all! I love you more than I can really tell you.


I’m adding on to Frank’s arm – working in between the lettering (that I don’t know who made it) and now I am crunching in on the work that Joey Pavone made on his upper arm. The skull that you can see now snuggled next to the rose at the top of these photos is Joey’s. There is also a piece further inside his upper arm that runs into the rose (that you can’t really make out in the photos because of the stencil). Sugarskull tattoo A healed shot of the last session on Frank’s back. Pandora back tattoo in progress A bit of the drawing of Freyja with a kaleidoscope filter…. for no reason other than it looked cool.


Freyja drawing Flying Rodent tattooed on, but without his little mousie background. I took a little liberty with Photoshop to stick his wing on here – so he has two butts in the photo (but doesn’t on Casey’s leg). flying rodent tattoo Very beginnings on Casey’s Freyja tattoo and what will become a Goddess sleeve (another exciting project!!!) start of Freyja tattoo Obviously there will be much more detail in Freyja and her falcon at a later date.



I finished up this Flying Rodent Painting. Of course to not confuse him with the other Flying Rodent Painting I have been calling this one Cairo – but maybe it would be better if I called him “Landed Rodent”?Flying Rodent painting With that one finished up (but not signed yet, wasn’t willing to make that final commitment until I look at him at home for a few days). I decided to start on another painting. I have a sketch of this one that I am really happy with, but since I hadn’t originally designed it as a painting it took me a bit to sort out how it should fit on the canvas. expecting painting expecting painting expecting painting expecting painting expecting painting expecting painting expecting painting in progress expecting painting in progress expecting painting in progress expecting painting in progress expecting painting in progress The Flying Lessons Painting is FINALLY finished! and while I have not signed this one, there will be NO more corrections or messing around with this one. These last few details that I added on Monday are IT. I’m finished. I shall work on it NO MORE! This one (as you well know) was quite the struggle, but I am please with the end results.   Flying Lessons painting

Monday night I was able to make it back to Figure Drawing. I’m glad that I have been able to attend so much more regularly again now. Between the Painting Class and Figure Drawing I am able to hold on to my sanity just a little bit better.

gesture drawing figure drawing male figure drawing male figure drawing male figure drawing male figure drawing male figure drawing male I MAY have finally found a combination of papers and materials that while not happy with, I think that I can work with and come up with some better results. This last figure drawing photo is the first one with this combination. Hopefully there will be more in the coming weeks and with time I will learn to work quicker and more efficiently with them.  figure drawing male standing back


And lastly my friend/client Gretchen posted this great photo on Facebook today of her kitty and the tattoo that I made for her. I asked it if I could share it here. Never underestimate the power of Kitty Love during times of Stress.



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  1. All you do and make is beautiful!!

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