Heir Presumptive?

I have a hard time naming my blog posts. Titles aren’t something that comes naturally and left entire to my own devices they would say things like “Hey” or “It’s Me Again”… but that doesn’t help anyone sort through them at all.

I was going to name this one Heir Apparent – but I looked it up and it doesn’t seem to quite fit. So we will go with Heir Presumptive, it seems to fit a little bit better.

Anyhow, enough insight into TeeJay and my thought process. Get to the point.

My internet friends have helped me out tons in the past so I am trying again. I am looking for an artist to add to the family at White Tiger. A specific type. I’m looking for a tattoo artist who likes to work with portraits and realism. There aren’t a lot of artists who work in this style and I need someone to help back me up.

When someone comes into one of the shops looking to have color portraits done and they don’t want to wait for me to do it (or I’m not booking appointments at the time) I would really like to have someone in the shops that I could refer them to. We have some artists who make some types of portraits and I can pass some of them along – but I would like someone who wants to do lots more of this style.

There will come a day down the road where I will no longer be able to tattoo. I would like to have years to work with someone to teach them as much as I can about this style (and in the meantime learn together) so that one day when I step down and let the kids do all of the tattooing in the shops I will have at least one artist that I can have take over care of my clients. Between now and then I would like someone to help inspire me and who I can bounce ideas and techniques around with.

Obviously I am not looking to apprentice anyone. I am looking for an artist who has been tattooing long enough to know what direction that they would like to go with their art and what they would like to focus on in the future. Someone who thinks that I have something to teach them and would like to learn more. Someone with an existing portfolio.

I have discussed this with friends and they have asked me if I “have my eye” on anyone in particular. I don’t operate that way. I’m not looking to lure someone out of a shop that they are happy in. I’m not going to go headhunting. I am going to put this out to the Universe and if the right person comes along – great! and if not, then it wasn’t meant to be.

If you know of anyone, please pass this info along to them. Easiest way for someone to contact me in regards to this (or anything) is to email me. My email address is teejay1 (little at symbol) frontiernet.net

Some examples of the type of work I am talking about:

black and grey portrait tattoo realistic hummingbird tattoo color portrait tattoo color portrait tattoo color dog portrait tattoo color dog portrait tattoo

~ by justteejay on October 17, 2013.

One Response to “Heir Presumptive?”

  1. love your work !!!!!!!!!!!!! i want more hummingbirds

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