What is Important to You?

Things happen. Life changes drastically in a heartbeat.

What is important to you? Who will you miss if they aren’t beside you? What will you regret not doing if your time becomes short?

Take time today to tell someone that you love and appreciate them. Look at your life and make sure it is going the way that you want it to.


All done being serious.

Here are some pretty photos for you to look at:

We added another dragonfly tattoo to Melinda’s collection. Melinda and I have known each other for a really long time. I would put her in the Back in the Day category – fortunately not so far back in the day that she knew me when I was drinking. It’s fun to catch up and see what is going on in her life these days and to see how far we have come over the years.

tattoo dragonflies dragonfly tattoo



My friend Holly was in town (Holly and I were supposed to be in England this week. We aren’t. That’s another story and it isn’t very interesting). We hung out and played artists. (’cause that’s what we are, AND what we like to do in our spare time). We ate too much (okay I ate to much), went to the zoo, painted, played with the kitties, had a home invasion attempt by a squirrel (his little cheeks filled with rage), shot the shit, wandered about and I introduced her to both Archimage and Poutine. Holly also brought me an AMAZING hoodie from her shop Always and Forever Tattoo that says “Classy as Fuck” on the back of it. I’m wearing it right now : )

We checked out the Group in Loop life drawing at the Hungerford Building. I had been wanting to go for a while, but since it is Thursdays during the day it may be the only time I will ever be able to attend. The other folks were all painting but since we were just there for the one day we both drew.

This one is on the newsprint – I’m still playing with papers and implements. I would like to be able to get a greater tonal range and have more control over the smoothness. I was okay with this one, but think the proportions are off.

life drawing

This one is on toned paper which my brain really thinks that I would like – but I keep having a hard time with. The paper is very smooth, but everything I use on it looks really rough. It’s very difficult to get a good transition or a nice line. I’ll keep experimenting.

life drawing

Holly and I set up shop and painted in my living room. Which was AWESOME! It was great to have company and space to work and kitties to visit with while working.

This whole “Time Off” thing is something that I could really get used to.

flying lessons painting detail Flying Lessons painting by TeeJay Flying Rodent with rose Flying Rodent with Rose Flying Rodent with rose painting in progress

And of course Monday night was back to practicing Figure Drawing. More messing around with papers. The last two are on a different toned paper. This one was gray instead of the brown which should work better. It was bigger which definitely works better…. but I still haven’t found a medium that I am happy with yet. I will keep working on it and of course keep working on the rendering and the proportions.

gesture drawings male figure drawing male standing figure drawing male sitting figure drawing male seated back figure drawing male seated side figure drawing male back figure drawing male seated


Most days I think I have a pretty good grasp of what is important to me. I don’t know if I do a good enough job of telling the people in my life that they are important to me.

It’a another thing I am working on.



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One Response to “What is Important to You?”

  1. Some of my favorite times are when we “take time off” to visit!!! Thank you for being you and I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express

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