I just make Pictures

It’s not the most important thing in the world. During times of crisis and upheaval though there is peace and calm in throwing my brain into the act of creation.

Here is some of what I have been up to.

Made this portrait of Wayne’s son for him.

Wayne's Son portrait tattoo


Put Kurt’s Pop Pop (Grandpa) on his arm. Pretty snazzy dude!Pop Pop portrait tattoo

Kurt gifted me with this amazing rabbit’s foot which I was happy to acquire and Kurt’s family was glad to have out of the house. < dry dead >

rabbits foot   Eric came in for his second sit on his first tattoo. As (I think) I said last time this piece is based on the artwork of Luis Royo who is an artist I have admired since I started reading Heavy Metal magazine (way) back in the day.

Luis Royo tattoo Luis Royo angel tattoo

We may add some lettering or background at a later date (still deciding) either way I will finish off more of her legs to wherever we wind up ending her.

Mondays are my day off and we are into the Painting Class Season (yay!!!). Progress shots from this week. I am happier with the nose on the bunny from the Flying Lessons and am still more confident that I will actually finish this painting and be happy with it.

IMG_3478flyinglessons flying lessons oil painting in progress flying lessons oil painting in progressanother flying rodent another flying rodent painting in progress another flying rodent painting in progress another flying rodent painting in progress another flying rodent painting in progress another flying rodent painting in progress another flying rodent painting in progress Flying Lessons Painting in progress another flying rodent painting in progress

And of course Monday night is back to Figure Drawing practice.

gesture drawing figure drawing  figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing female seated figure drawing back female lying

I tried messing around with that paper again that I used last week. I like the color and I like the finish – but because it is so small I had a really hard time getting any kind of detail with it. I got frustrated and grabbed a ball point pen – which would have worked out much better if it would have had black ink in it. I got a recommendation of some other pencils/charcoals to try and I’ll see if I can pick some up before next week’s class.

female figure drawing reclining female ball point pen


I have a friend visiting this coming week for an Art Date : ) so hopefully we will get to make some more fun stuff for me to put up here on my virtual refrigerator.


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