Reporting Late (but you can’t fire me!)

Once again a little sample of what I have been up to this past week.

Client had sent me this sketch for her left calf:

client sketch The first thing that I had to work on was what to do with the knot. She had pulled it from a piece of jewelry and while pretty it really bugged me that the three points of the knot were not all the same. (Did that make sense?)triangular celtic knot triangular celtic knot triangular celtic knot once that was sorted out it was time to figure out how to add the other elements. I had thought that maybe we could incorporate the initials on something fall branch acorns and initials No good. Too busy and she didn’t like the acorns. So I went back to focusing on the knot. triangular celtic knot triangular celtic knot Once that was worked out – added the initials back in initials added to celtic knot and added the branch back in for background and made up the line drawing celtic knot line drawing TeeJay and finally the tattoo Celtic Knot tattoo

I also worked on Frank’s Pandora back piece again. I’m having so much fun with this tattoo and he has been sitting really well lately so I am hoping we can keep up the great pace on it.

Pandora Back piece tattoo Pandora Back piece tattoo


Made a memorial tattoo of a son on his Dad. These are always hard emotionally and he was a great first time client. Not ever having been tattooed before and hiring someone to tattoo a portrait of your son can be nervewracking… he handled all of it really well.

memorial portrait tattoo I would like to get photos of this again once it is healed and the redness is gone.

I tattooed a good friend of mine who has honestly been talking about getting tattooed since before I started tattooing. This tattoo has been 25 years in the making. It still doesn’t seem real that it actually happened. This is 100% her drawing – I ran her drawing through for the stencil without modifying it at all.

To Thine Own Self be True



Sunday I went to the zoo in Buffalo (as mentioned in my previous post) with some friends. They also took home one of my favorite older paintings. Bast is going to live with them from now on. I’m sad to see her go, but I really have too many paintings at home and I’m still making more – so room has to be made. I know she will be very happy living with Frank and Bec and maybe I will even get to visit her now and again.

Bast Nap


Monday I was back to painting class. While I am once again struggling with the Flying Lessons painting – I am confident that I will win out this time and the problems with it can be corrected. Bunny nose definitely needs to change again though.

flying lessons painting in progress flying lessons painting in progress flying lessons painting in progress flying lessons painting in progress flying lessons painting in progress flying lessons painting in progress

and then Monday night was back to Figure Drawing…

gesture drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing The last one was done on a new kind of paper that I am trying out. I like it so far, but it is smaller than the newsprint and will take some getting used to.

Yesterday and today were medical tattoo days, so no photos there.



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