Mondays are Art Days!

I still make tattoos the rest of the week. Here is one that I was pretty happy with just so you don’t forget:

Compass tattoo

As I have said I have been really ambivalent about the Flying Lessons painting that I started while I was in France. I have decided to scrap it and start over. Made this thumbnail sketch and am thinking I would like to go more this direction – plus this will make it the same size as most of the other paintings in this series.

Flying Lessons sketch


I was planning on starting work on it this Monday – but realized that I want to clear up (finish) some of the other unsigned pieces that I have floating around. Monday morning I started out with the Delirium thinking that she had quite a ways to go yet. I tweaked a few things and thought that she looked finished. Posted her to Instagram figuring that I would stare at her for a few more days before committing to signing. Spent a few minutes, decided I have to move on and start some new stuff so she got signed….

Delirium PaintingI celebrated with a “Beer” and started looking around to see what else I wanted to work on.

Butterscotch Beer

This piece needed some minor work and got signed.

TeeJay Rabbit paintingThis piece was finished a while ago but I don’t think I ever posted it finished and signed. (If I did, I apologize for repeating my self, but he is cute enough to warrant another visit).

Flying Rodent paintingHe is making the transition from painting to tattoo and will be permanently installed on Casey’s leg (to completion) very shortly. I will be sure to post him here when that happens (and I am able to get a decent photo).

Figure drawing open studio is on Monday nights and while my figure drawing is not progressing as well as I would like – it won’t get better at all if I don’t keep at it.

gesture drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing


and here are some clouds that I photographed last night outside of Steve Carpenter’s Studio…



I hope that you are having a great day and get to be involved in something that stirs your passion.





~ by justteejay on September 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Mondays are Art Days!”

  1. It’s probably wrong, but I stopped looking at or reading anything else once I saw the butterscotch cream soda. Where would I get such a wonderful treat?

    • Not at all. It was a great treat! I found them at Wegman’s. In the Irondequoit store they were near the Nature’s Marketplace on an end cap. I have no idea where they would live normally.
      Even Paul liked it and he isn’t normally a fan of butterscotch.

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