Figure Drawing September 9th, 2013 and some other stuff

I made this key tattoo for Sarah based on a drawing that her daughter had made for her. Wooden Key tattoo We got another session in on Frank’s Pandora back. He sat great for this session. Hopefully we can get a few more sessions like this in and we will get through this one in no time. Frank's Pandora tattooFrank's Pandora tattoo This is Casey’s leg healed. For some reason I spaced out and cut the angel off in the photo. Sorry Casey. Abominable snowman tattoo healed  We finished up the Reaper Bat Nugget on Casey this session as well and started on the Flying Rodent which I will show you when we get that one finished.Reaper Bat Nugget tattoo I was able to put some time in painting and was able to repair the damage to the paintings that I made while I was in France. (They were damaged slightly from being transported back in a suitcase while they were still wet). This one still needs some work. Bear steals Hope  This one I am happy with and have signed (so it’s finished). Bear and Bunny painting oil This one I still have mixed feelings on and don’t know from day to day if I am going to finish it, scrap it or like it the way that it is. flying lessons painting   Mary had this tattoo made – also off of a drawing that her daughter made for her. Tiger Butterfly tattoo   tiger butterfly tattoo   Eric got a great start on this Luis Royo inspired piece. It’s his first tattoo and he sat great. Can’t wait to work on this one again. Royo tattoo first session   A different Eric had a tattoo made of his dog Hady. Hady portrait tattoo dogHady portrait tattoo dog   And that morning I made a quick oil study from the photo reference for the tattoo (the reference was reversed for the tattoo so that it would work better where we were placing it on his side). hady oil painting dog portrait Sunday I had a little bit of down time and was able to work a little bit more on this Delirium painting. Delirium painting in progress And a little bit more on this one. Not sure where this one is going. My daughter wanted to know if I had felt like painting from the ceiling. start of flower skull painting  Monday night came the return of figure drawing. Jessie came with me this week. Still a little rough, but I value the practice always.  gesture drawingsfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawing Tried adding the warm tones in this since it was a longer pose and I’m not really happy with it. Maybe if I keep playing with it I can get better results out of it. figure drawing   This little guy I think I posted before saying that I wasn’t sure if he was finished. He is now (and signed) this isn’t the most accurate color representation, but it is hard to get a good photo because of all the orange. flying rodent painting   I think that brings us up to current. I was doing medical tattooing today, so no photos to share. While I was at the doctor’s office doing that both my Tuesday and Friday appointments cancelled…. so I don’t know what all I will wind up doing this week.


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