Monday Adventures

Amy reads the paper. I do not. I generally have no idea what is going on in the world. She keeps a pretty good eye on things.

This is a good balance (and a great friend to have around). Amy finds about all sorts of cool stuff, calls me up and we go exploring.

First on the Agenda today was to go see the “button” that they are digging out of the parking lot in Charlotte. It was some sort of base or piece that went underneath a foundry that used to be there a long time ago. I hear they are planning on putting some sort of marina in that area of Charlotte and needed to dig the “button” or “skull” of the foundry furnace up and get it out of there. Most of it is gone already, but what is left is still huge and you have to wonder if it was really a good idea to try and get it out of there or not.

Looks like a lot of work.

Also makes me wonder what other kind of goodies have just gotten paved or built over and no one has any idea that they are there.

Foundry button Charlotte Foundry Button or Skull Remnants

From there we went out to Macedon to the Ganargua Creek Meadow Preserve. Definitely a beautiful place. If you are headed out that way, they will tell you to wear protective clothing from poison ivy. I would also add that bug spray might be a good idea as well. While the mosquitoes weren’t anywhere near as bad as they were at 1000 Acre Swamp, they were pretty damn excited that we were there.

snake in reeds This little guy was up in the reeds… like this —-> snake in reeds Whole lot of activity on these flowers. snail and ants on flower dragonfly No filter or photoshop, the sky really looked like this today. 101_3609 Not sure what this is, but the new growth had a beautiful color to it. cool plant with dark new growth 101_3614 snail and company 101_3617 101_3618 field milkweed pods butterflies woods grasshopper Black Damselfly 101_3637 Ganargua Creek


Back to the Real World tomorrow. No Figure Drawing tonight : (


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