Sorry for the Lapse…

I realized that it has been quite a while since I have been here. I’m not going to make excuses. I’m going to show you some of what I have been up to since then.


Had another session on Frank’s back. tattoo Pandora's Box   Made this for a friend on our day(s) off. Alfred E Neuman tattoo   Got some (mostly) healed shots of this kokopelli tattoo. kokopelli tattoo detail kokopelli tattoo   Made this memorial tattoo for a great guy. abominable snowman (bumble) tattoo   Put the last piece in place on Eric’s Buddha/Mara tattoo/sleeve. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed working on this tattoo. I learned a lot and got to hang out with a really nice guy (thanks Eric!). He takes really good care of his tattoos both while they are healing and in protecting them from the sun so I know this tattoo will look good for always. We will get together soon to get healed photos of this as well.

Buddha tattoo marsh crocodile tattoo buddha chest panel tattoo Buddha Mara tattoo Buddha Mara sleeve tattoo Buddha Mara tattoo sleeve Buddha Mara tattoo sleeve   Tattooed a little more on Mariah’s Alice in Wonderland sleeve (adding “Drink Me” to the already healed “Eat Me”). Drink me tattoo (alice in wonderland sleeve)   Worked on Dina’s Rainbow Goblins sleeve (or Lucky Little Life sleeve if you prefer). It has been an honor getting to know Dina while working on this – can’t wait to see her again. Rainbow Goblin tattoo Rainbow Goblin tattoo "Lucky Little Life" Rainbow Goblin tattoo sleeve   Tattooed this owl on the lovely Jill (who has been WAY too long in between visits). Hoping to add a bit more to it the next time she can swing by this way. Jamican Eared Owl tattoo   Got some healed photos of the upper portion of Bob’s Cthulhu sleeve (the bottom is too tan right now to photograph well – Ill have to grab him in the winter!). Cthulhu tattoo Cthulhu tattoo cthulhusgirl101_3526   Took some in stage photos of Mariah’s Alice in Wonderland sleeve. Hookah smoking caterpillar tattoo Mad Hatter tattoo White Rabbit tattoo   Went back in later and filled in all those little in between spaces.

Cheshire Cat tattoo Mad Hatter tattoo Hookah Smoking Caterpillar tattoo March Hare tattoo White Rabbit tattoo Sleeping Doormouse tattoo Painting the Roses Red tattoo   Brought Frank’s arm project down on to his hand. Franks Arm tattoo   Hand Skull tattoo


Worked on the Bear and Bunny Paintings more. bear and bunny paintings, work in progress bear and bunny paintings, work in progress   bunny painting oil, work in progress    bear and bunny painting work in progress bear and bunny painting, work in progress   Started another painting. starting skull painting starting skull painting starting skull painting starting skull painting   Went to Open Figure Drawing session at Steve Carpenter’s Studio and painted. life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting   Got in another brief session on the Bear and Bunny (mostly finished here) and worked on Jesse as Delirium again. Bear and Bunny paintings WIP Delirium in Progress Delirium in Progress Delirium painting work in progress delirium from Sandman Delirium painting work in progress   Went back to figure drawing session and painted again. life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting   Went to figure drawing again and yep, you guessed it, painted again. life painting life painting life painting chairIMG_1806 life painting

Other Stuff

Spent some time defacing currency. IMG_1500   fox on five "love" on money   Got a tattoo from Joe C at the Greece shop (White Tiger Tattoo) tattoo by Joe C Joe C from White Tiger Tattoo   Went with the family to go and see the Heron Rookery in Sterling. These pictures don’t come close to doing this place justice. Absolutely amazing!!!   herons heron nest heron rookery lone heron herons herons Paul turtle frog   Went camping and whitewater rafting. Paul camping water reflections camping white water rafting on Black River white water rafting on Black RIver spider in tent   Got chased out of the 1000 acre swamp by some really mean mosquitoes, but not before I got some nice dragonfly photos. (I’m really sorry Michelle, I WILL remember bug spray next time). dragonfly101_3496 dragonfly101_3503 dragonfly101_3505   Tore the shop in Greece apart and redid the floor (including some mis-adventures in floor poly). remodeling flooring poly flooring misadventures   Watched the sun set (a bunch of times, not just this once). sunset   Got some other people to draw on money also. (These are for the Jefferson Project)  Jefferson Project jeffersonprojectIMG_1882 jeffersonprojectIMG_1885   Had a weekend visit with some friends (and their kitties). IMG_1919andthis gas mask bag guardian jackalope machine frame jackalope machine frame IMG_1927notsure Viking Snail Custom Jackalope Machine random word drawing Holly and Dietsch kitty Which included a shopping excursion to Pandora’s Box in Milford.  skull parts exorcism kit Pandora's Box Milford Pandora's Box Milford Goodies Goodies Hula Hot Dog Some more money got drawn on. money art money art

Which I think brings us pretty close to current.

Hopefully I will be able to post more regularly again and I apologize to anyone who’s mobile couldn’t handle that many photos.

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