There may be some withdrawal…

I had painting class this morning. I am unable to attend figure drawing tonight and there are no classes for either one next week (being as it is Memorial Day and all).

So I will be two whole weeks without any structured time to paint or draw for me. I am hoping that I will be able to sneak some time in somewhere over the next two weeks – but experience has taught me that I am not always really good about making time for me.

Anyhow, this is what I worked on today. Both pieces are coming along nicely and I am confident that I can finish them up without “screwing them up”.

bear and bunny paintings in progress bear and bunny paintings in progress bear and bunny paintings in progress Bear&BunnyIMG_1369 bear oil painting in progress bunny oil painting in progress

They are going to be having a Student Show at the Steve Carpenter Studio and I am able to submit one piece that I painted this year for the show. I am going to use this one and today I finally managed to get a decent photo of it.

Letting Go (bird and key) oil painting

A friend of mine has a project going on where he is asking people to draw on $2 bills. He sent me one and I drew this on it

$2 bill with cat and mouse    I had so much fun that I wanted to do some more of them. I didn’t want to ask him to send me any more bills, so I went up to the bank to see if they happened to have any $2. Not only did they have a bunch, they had four of them that were still sequential. They said someone had just brought them in – they must have had them in a drawer somewhere.

sequential $2 I won’t spend or draw on those. I will probably keep them tucked away in a drawer somewhere too.

These are the other bills that I did. I still think I like the cat and mouse one the best. I gave bills to Starr and Joe and am hoping that they can do something fun with them as well.

decorating two dollar bills decorated two dollar bills

and just because I know there are a couple of you that come here to see tattoos that I am working on – here is one from this week. It’s still in progress and I hope to have more photos of it soon.

Frank's Arm


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