It’s Been a Little Bit Again

So there is a lot that has happened. Some of it doesn’t seem important in hindsight – but here is some of it that seemed worthy of sharing.

Jenn had this amazing double exposed photo of her cats that she had taken a while back.

double exposed kitty photoShe wanted to make it into a tattoo and I was excited for the challenge. The only thing I wanted to change was how far the kitties were from one another – by bringing them in closer I felt it would work a little bit better. I did do a rough sketch of what I had in mind to show Jenn.

kitty tattoo drawing I did want to make the one eye reflective (like the flash had bounced off of it), but Jenn and I agreed that it took too much away from the character of the cat.
The tattoo wraps her leg a little bit so it is hard to see in a single photo – so here are a few different angles of it.

kitty tattoo cats tattoo kitty tattoo cat portrait tattoo - double exposed

I was also able to take a healed photo of Jenn’s hummingbirds which we made for her about 2 (or 3?) years ago.
Healed Hummingbird TattooWe have added what will be the last piece to Eric’s Buddha/Mara tattoo. I’m a little sad that this one is going to be finished soon as I have enjoyed working on it immensely. There is one more session to go to finish the MarshCroc and possibly some tightening if Eric has found anything that needs it (or I come across anything).
I really can’t be greedy here – This piece started out as a chest panel and half sleeve and has grown quite a bit since the original concept.
Thanks so much Eric!

Buddha tattoo Buddha Mara tattoo Buddha Mara tattoo Marsh Croc tattoo in progress

On May 6th I returned to painting class. We are probably getting near the end of the session, but I am not going to dwell on that.

This one is finished. I need to sign it, glaze it and get a better photograph – then she can go on off to her new home.

Gypsy Skull PaintingThese two are probably finished also. They will need some more observation before I decide for sure and then they will also get the finished treatment. I am having fun with this series for sure and there will be more to come.

teejay oil paintings teejay oil paintingsDelirium has a way to go yet. Since she is so much different than the other ones that I am working on it is hard to switch back and forth to work on her at the same time. I think she is going to be a sunny day painting that I will keep in the studio and work on when the conditions are right for her temperament.

delirium painting in progress delirium painting in progress

I went off to Off the Map this past week. I have a bunch of great photos of clouds and flowers and the Bed and Breakfast that I stayed in – but I am going to figure that you really don’t care that much and not show them to you. So here are a couple of the tattoos that I made while I was there.

What can I say about Gretchen? I always look forward to seeing her and she has gotten some of my favorite tattoos. This one was no exception and if you follow me on Twitter (@justteejay) this is the tattoo I was talking about when I said I was “giddy” over the drawing.

Skull with Magnolias tattooI also made this lion tattoo for Jack. He sat great and the tattoo looks much better than the photo. He originally wanted the lion to have three eyes which I was super excited about – but I didn’t realize he wanted the third eye to be subtle. So who out there will let me make a three eyed critter on them? I spent a lot of time figuring out exactly how I would work it out and I would hate for that knowledge to go to waste : )

lion tattooI got back in town on Saturday night so I had plenty of time to rest up and head back to painting class Monday morning. I started two new pieces.

teejay oil paintings in progress teejay oil paintings in progress teejay paintings in progress teejay oil paintings in progress teejay oil paintings in progress teejay oil paintings in progress teejay oil paintings in progress teejay oil paintings in progress

In case you can’t see these guys well enough – here is the sketch that I was working off of.

bear and bunny sketch

A break to check out the lilac festival and clean the house a little bit and then back for figure drawing class. I am not at all happy with my drawings lately – but I will keep plugging along at it and I am sure they will improve again.

figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing

The painting is actually going better than the drawing.

life painting male life painting male life painting male life painting male life painting male

I hope that brings us up to date… if I missed anything and it seems important – I’ll make another post down the road.

~ by justteejay on May 14, 2013.

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