Monday’s Creative Endeavors

I didn’t actually paint in painting class this week. I brought in a bunch of my paintings and Steve and I talked about where I would like to go with my work. Nothing really new, but reaffirmed some things that I had been thinking.

IMG_0654 IMG_0662 IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0665

Most of the afternoon was spending wandering about with a friend (which I may post separately or may not post at all). And then back to Steve Carpenter’s for Figure Drawing in the evening.

figure drawing figure drawing standing male figure drawing seated male figure drawing reclining male figure drawing figure drawing

Some of what the other folks in the class were working on:

life painting oil life painting oil IMG_0789 figure drawing model with in progress sketch figure charcoal figure charcoal and conte figure watercolor

And the oil painting that I am working on. I have to admit that I got to a point where I liked this one and was super afraid to mess it up. So I was overly timid working on it this week. I think next week I am going to either start a new one – or try to mess this one up so that I can get over the fear.

life painting life painting life painting life painting life painting

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