Figure Drawing from March 18th, 2013 and couple of tattoos

It’s been a while since I had a technology failure in my life. Today I accidentally backed up my iPad – which meant (unbeknownst to me) that it was going to wipe out everything that I have done with the new iPad since I got it and restore me to sometime last year. So I lost all my new info on the iPad, am now signed out of everything (much of which I have no recollection of how to access), lost all my photos from the last year including the photos of the tattoo that I made today, all my painting photos from yesterday and reference photos that I need for drawings for two different clients. Somehow it even removed absolutely everything from my iCloud and managed to give me back every stupid app I have ever downloaded on to either iPad.


Oh well.

So here are the photos that I took on my camera this morning from figure drawing class. I had a pretty hard time last night getting into the swing of it.

I won’t be going next week as I am headed South to see my family – but perhaps I will have some painting photos from while I am away visiting : )

gesture drawing gesture drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing male figure drawing male figure drawing male figure painting

and the photos of my tattoo from today that I took on my camera…. sorry Amanda : (
I lost the all the way”before” photo as well.

Amanda's tattoo before   Amanda's tattoo after


In looking back through the camera photos I realized I hadn’t posted any of the pictures of Sarah’s now completed arm.

frog tattoo

upper arm girlie sleeve



girlie sleeve tattoo


Sarah's sleeve tattoo


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