Too Much Thinking, not enough Making Stuff

Have a few projects in the works and am doing much better at staying diligent on working on almost all of them (the basement project is just going to have to wait). I have figure drawing session tonight and am looking forward to it since I missed it last week.

So barring any disasters there will be figure drawing photos tomorrow – but in the meantime here are a few tattoos for your enjoyment.

Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday were spent making medical tattoos which I won’t post here.

Natasha added on to her birds – brought them some new friends and some more decor to their home on her arm.

tattoo from chinese embroidery

Frank came in for a second session on his Pandora piece. I’m really excited about this one and hoping to start adding some color next session.

Frank's back piece tattoo of Pandora in progress

I think this was probably the last session on John’s left arm and his family tree. We are going to add a bit more to his right arm now though, so that will give me an opportunity to either get healed photos and/or determine if it needs anything else.


I put the poem back together in photoshop so that you could read it better. Unfortunately it still looks “off” in a few places, but you get the gist.


and lastly a rework that I made for Rick when I was in Detroit. I have not posted the rest of the tattoos that I made while I was there, but I wanted to make sure to post this one because Rick and his wife Kelly are such great people. Thanks for the shirt Rick!


~ by justteejay on March 11, 2013.

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