Some travel photos, a healed Crow and Figure Drawing Stuff

As I’m sure that you figured out from my last post I did indeed make it to Detroit. It was a great trip and I am glad that I went.

On the way to Detroit I got hung up at the Border for quite a while trying to get into Canada. Something must have been going on because they had every lane open and I was still in line for an over hour before I could get up to the inspection station. I don’t know if I have ever seen things that backed up.

waiting on the bridge view of the river from bridge

Rick had me re work a piece on his chest and I was able to get some healed photos of the crow tattoo that I made for him the last time he was in Rochester. I really love this tattoo and he did a great job healing it up. Maybe next time we get together we can add some background to it.

crow tattoo crow tattoo wing detail crow tattoo wing detail crow tattoo detail

The drive back to Rochester was uneventful (and both Border crossings were much easier). Went through an area that must have had some ice the night before. It was still clinging to the trees on one side and was really beautiful. Hard to capture in photos while driving.

ice trees ice trees ice trees

Fortunately (for me) I was back in Rochester in time to make it to Figure Drawing. As a result of a conversation with one of my friends in Detroit I am going to push myself harder in figure drawing and try to work directly in paint. Here are the results from my first night…

gesture drawing gesture drawing figure drawing figure drawing female figure drawing female figure drawing seated female figure drawing seated female seated figure drawing female oil sketch figure drawing oil sketch figure drawing


This last one was done in just under 20 minutes – I hadn’t realized how little time was left when I set up the second canvas.

I am looking forward to progressing with these and learning to lay down the paint more confidently.

Lastly here is a photo of a cat because I need to not have the nude paintings show up on as the thumbnail places where it will get me reported and/or suspended. (and because I am a crazy cat lady)

Tora Cat


Hope your day is filled with blessings and love.



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