For no reason at all…. Rochester Crows

A while back the City had an all out effort to try and get rid of the crows or at least break up the flock. I understand that they have their reasons and appreciate why they can be a nuisance – but for me personally, I like having them around.

Maybe we could start a trend where the people in the most affected areas start carrying “Crow Umbrellas”. I mean, the Victorians did it to block the sun and it became a fashion thing – maybe we could make Goth and Hipster umbrellas to protect people from Crow poop? Fashionable and Practical all at the same time.

I would carry a nice lacy black umbrella with very little provocation at all. Or maybe teal? Oh wait – A Bunny Ear Umbrella! Yes… anyhow. Here are some shots of some of the Rochester Crows for no reason at all (other than I like when I see them).

Rochester Crows Rochester Crows

~ by justteejay on February 12, 2013.

One Response to “For no reason at all…. Rochester Crows”

  1. And hip boots to walk around downtown I understand! Blackbirds can clean my feeders in no time and the suet too,but they have to eat too I figure! Meredith

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