Parents,Yazzy and some other tattoos

I didn’t make a lot of tattoos while I was in Florida – but here are a couple of them that I would like to share.

I was thrilled to be able to make a mermaid tattoo. I love mermaids. I would like to have been a mermaid. When I was very small I used to practice holding my breath and sitting on the bottom of the pool hoping to do it long enough to “evolve” into having gills. It never did work, but I get to make tattoos and art work with mermaids in it sometimes and this makes it ever so slightly better : )

mermaid tattoo

Pat came to see me from about an hour and a half away – which was far closer than if she had to come all the way from Florida to New York! Pat was referred to me by her daughter who I have done work for both back home and at Off the Map.
The Orlando Sentinel was there at the convention while I was tattooing Pat and they took photos of us. Apparently some of them did wind up in the paper and one of the locals is sending me a copy.

frog with leprechaun hat

Back in Rochester…. Sarah was in town for some filer work on her sleeve. We are getting really close to finished on this one. There is an area on the shoulder cap which we will fill next time and that will probably be it (and on to the next project!) It’s always great to hang out and visit with Sarah and I look forward to seeing her.

Sarah's upper arm tattoo

Sarah Lower Arm tattoo

Joe has had me place his Grandparents on his right arm previously – so this time it was his parent’s turn. There will be background behind this on the next session – but he sits great and we were able to get both parents placed in this first session.

mom portrait tattoo

dad portrait tattoo

parents portrait tattoo

This is Yazzy and she needed to be forever on Luigi’s leg. Luigi and Shirley bring me great ‘prises when they come in to visit. Today they brought me a beautiful doe skull, a gopher skull, turkey feathers and a slutty sock monkey. How lucky could a girl possibly get?
I love my job and the people I get to hang out with because of it!

I really like Yazzy’s eyes. I hope that I was able to do them justice. She was an adorable dog.

Jazzy dog portrait tattoo

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