So it’s umm, like, some more stuff I made…

tattoos. drawings. you know. stuff that I like to make. I like to make paintings too… but there is none of those this time. food. I like to make food too, but I don’t normally post that here.

so here’s some tattoos…

We made a little more progress on Renee’s wings/cherry blossoms. I really love this tattoo and it suits her well. We finally made it to a stage where it will appear finished when she shows it off – there is more planned for this, background elements and more depth… I’ll post the progress when we get there.

Cherry Blossom Wings tattoo

This piece fills in one of the corners left on Rachel’s back. There is a whole lot going on in this tattoo! Everything in it is specifically selected by Rachel and is as unique as she is.
I can’t seem to color correct for all the yellow in this photograph. Should be able to get healed photos of it when she comes in next time.
Fire Goddess tattoo

This was the first sit on Frank’s back for a Pandora themed tattoo that I have been looking forward to starting for a while now. We have regularly scheduled appointments set up for 2013 – so I expect us to progress through this one nicely. Really looking forward to it! It will blend it nicely with the sugar skull that I made which is on his right side (not really visible in these photos).

Pandora tattoo back piece

Pandora Back tattoo first sessionand then of course there is figure drawing class…

I had talked with a friend of mine right as I was leaving for class and she said she expected that I was teaching the class : ) No way that I feel remotely qualified to do that! Besides, I guess it is kind of incorrect to call it a class – Figure Drawing Practice would be more accurate. There isn’t really any instruction. Just a bunch of us doing our own battles with what we see and what we want to try and get on the paper.

This week was rough. One of the other women in class suggested that it was because we were all rusty after having been away from it for a few weeks due to the Holidays. That works. Rusty. Yeah, that’s it.

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