Tattoos? Yeah, we got some of those

I know I have been slacking on posting lately… so here is some of what I have been up to lately (that I could get photos of).

Cthulhu is in progress. This was the first session on his upper arm and I am super excited to get back into this one! Bob sits great and is fun to visit with during our sessions.

cthulhu101_2255 Ted the legit : ) adding a little bit more to his arm. The angel underneath was originally done elsewhere and I repaired and embellished her previously. drapedskull101_2007     This is Mariah’s armpit! Ouch!!! She sat way better than I would imagine that I would. I don’t know if I need to have my armpit tattooed. Maybe when I run out of room everywhere else? I have mentioned that I am a wimp when it comes to getting tattooed.The “eat me” goes along with Mariah’s Alice in Wonderland theme tattoo sleeve – and the “bite me” is much more Mariah than Alice. eatmecookies101_2300 This little guy is healed and I was able to get a much nicer photo than when he was first done. fancytail101_2029   I am trying to not bitch about how bad my photography skills are – but I have to tell you that this tattoo looks so much better in person than it does in these photos. flashGordon101_2246    I honestly didn’t know about the Ikea monkey when Herman asked me to make him a tattoo of “the monkey in the shearling coat” – but once I looked him up I was thrilled to make a fun little tattoo for him. I even came in on one of my days off to get him in for it. Thanks Herman! ikeamonkey101_2322 Mini portrait made for a friend of mine as a memorial for his sister. This tattoo is on the inside of his wrist in one of the places he had available. miniportrait101_2263 Loved making this tattoo for Natasha and honored to have been able to spend more time with her in the process. The reference for this is an embroidered tapestry  – I have looked for what I did with the reference photos and can only find the print outs, not the original digital files. Perhaps I can post them if and when we add background to this one.NatashaBirds101_2309 This little guy is also on Natasha and made some time earlier (couple of weeks?). He is a Couch’s Spadefoot and is neither toad not frog although they are often called a Couch’s Spadefoot toad – they apparently have their very own genus. And you thought you were unique? spadefoot101_2004 This is Willi. He used to live with Sue when he was plodding along on this earth. He is greatly missed and I am glad that he will be with Sue everyday again now. You are missed and loved little guy.Willi101_2020

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  1. These are so impressive. The dog is amazing.

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