Riverbanks Zoo – South Carolina

Went to the zoo with my mom and my kid. It was awesome. We got to see kangaroos and feed the giraffes.

Wonderful day spent with family and a pretty great zoo as well.

lion fish 101_2056feedingthegiraffe 101_2064giraffe 101_2072giraffespots 101_2086lion 101_2087tiger 101_2089koala 101_2111monkey 101_2123koi 101_2131flamingo 101_2143penguins 101_2148kangaroo 101_2158kangaroo 101_2167kangaroo 101_2172kangaroo 101_2177bat 101_2194teenykitty 101_2198teenykitties 101_2211meerkats 101_2215meerkats

~ by justteejay on December 18, 2012.

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