Figure Drawing – Sketchy and Otherwise

I have been a follower of Dr Sketchy’s for some time and have often toyed with the idea of traveling to one of their locations to participate. (If you aren’t familiar with Dr Sketchy’s follow this link to learn more).

So imagine my surprise when I found out there was one scheduled for right here in Rochester! (even more surprised the day after when I went on the website to find out when the next one was and found out that there have been three prior to this one).
The scheduled time was from 7-10 pm. Mariah and Starr had already made plans to go – so I felt pretty comfortable venturing out to a new place with my friends near by. We weren’t going to make it at 7, since we work until 8… but were still excited to go.

I’m not going to say I was disappointed. I am going to hope that the problems are with a new event and as time goes on they will work the kinks out and correct them. In the mean time, the models that I saw posing did a great job. Even though they appeared to not have done figure modeling before, they held still and didn’t bitch (not as easy as you may think it is).

So far the website does not show another event scheduled – but I am hoping to see one there soon.

DrSketchyGroup DrSketchyReindeer DrSketchys


Monday I returned to figure drawing at Steve Carpenter’s studio after a couple week hiatus. I was only able to stay for the first two hours. Changed drawing implements again. Trying to use a charcoal pencil now. I feel like I am starting over every time I change mediums – but these have been recommended by several people who’s work I respect so I am going to keep trying with them for a little while. Definitely much easier to get a point on – although the hold is different than the sticks that I was using so it will be awkward for a bit.

figure101_2324 figure101_2325 figure101_2326 figure101_2327 figure101_2328 figure101_2329 figure101_2330



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