Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

I was going through my camera today and realized that I never posted these photos. Jessie and I went to the cemetery the beginning of October and these are some of the highlights (I take way too many photos every where that I go now that I have a digital camera).

It’s a great place for a walk (or a run) and the sculptures are truly inspiring!

All of these are taken from the section East of Lake Avenue. It would take a couple more days I think to get through the section West of Lake.


101_1658   101_1659   101_1661   101_1666   101_1668   101_1670   101_1677   101_1682   101_1685   101_1689   101_1719   101_1727   101_1728   101_1729   101_1734   101_1740   101_1749   101_1755

~ by justteejay on December 13, 2012.

One Response to “Holy Sepulchre Cemetery”

  1. The East side is definitely the more interesting. Did you visit Tumelty’s grave??

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