tattoos? yeah, I got those too

I know that lately the posts have been about painting and drawing – but I am still tattooing my little heart out as well. Unfortunately a disproportionate number of those have been of the medical variety lately (this happens every year at the end of the year as everyone is rushing to get in before their deductible recurs at the beginning of the new year).

So here is some of what I have been up to that I can share with you.

I am super excited about this piece that I have been working on for Eric. In the process of researching his tattoo theme I have stumbled across SO much cool stuff! I would need 7 bodies to fit everything on that I would like to make a tattoo from. Eric has been super fun to work with and has really helped form the vision that is coming to life on his skin.

kapala dorje

These tattoos meant a whole lot to this guy to have done and he waited patiently for a really long time to have me make them for him.

foot print tattoos

This tattoo is being made for an “old” customer (it’s not a dig Rick) who I love spending time with. After many years it was a joy to see him even if it was a sorrow that brought him in for the tattoo. This is the first session. We will finish up next session in December and I hope to get better photos either then or after it is healed.

fallen knight tattoo

And then there’s this girl here who is often to be found whining about how she never gets to make skull tattoos – posting TWO in the same blog. This one is on Bob and it is the start of something EPIC. I am very excited and am not going to give it all away quite yet.
There is an existing tattoo on his forearm that you can see on the right side of this photo – I didn’t make that one.

skull tattoo

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I started this Virgin of Guadalupe tattoo on Luke’s ribs. Although he held out like a trooper, it was too much to do in one sitting.

Virgin of Guadalupe tattoo

More soon and I will have finished photos of these soon(ish) as well.




~ by justteejay on November 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “tattoos? yeah, I got those too”

  1. Wow! I love the footprints. what a great idea, and of course beautifully executed. hope you’re well, TeeJay. I got to know two new people in my life a bit better at lunch today and they are awestruck by Aaron’s portrait that you made for me.

    • Hi Ben,
      Great to hear from you. I am doing excellent and I hope you are as well. Also very happy to hear that you are still getting positive feedback on Aaron’s portrait. It is one that people comment on often at the shop as well. I think that his character shows in that photo and people are drawn to it.
      Hope the New Year is one that brings you all things good,

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