Last Painting Class for a bit

No Monday classes next semester – so that leaves me out. Hopefully in the Spring I can head back again, but at least I got several paintings finished (I think they are finished) this time that I am pretty pleased with.

I think I am beginning to find my voice with my painting – relying less on the reference and more on my imagination. Still working on the skills and making the paint do what I am imagining that I want it to look like – but that will probably go on for a lifetime.

I spent part of today trying to figure out what the heck I did with my #4 round brush (never did find it) so I didn’t feel quite as comfortable today as I did the last couple of sessions. It’s amazing what changing tools will do to the appearance of the work.

Anyhow, enough yacking. Here are some pictures.

evil bunny painting in progress   dark bunny painting in progress   angry bunny painting   TeeJay Angry Bunny Painting

Added some more little modifications to this one. Think it is finished now.

sometimes you have to let things go   bird letting go (with church key)

This one I made when I was in Hell City this year.

dead bird painting

There were some things that I liked and some things that I didn’t like about it. Figured I would rather start over than rework it.

underpainting   underpainting of dead bird   sorting out dead bird painting   dead bird underpainting   dead bird painting roughed out   Obviously this one has a ways to go yet.

Someone had asked me how long this class and the figure drawing classes are. The Monday morning painting classes are three hours long. So each of these posts that I have put up chronicling Mondays has been a single three hour session.
The figure drawing classes are by the hour. I normally stay for at least 2 hours and will stay for the entire 4 hours if I can.

TeeJay paintings

I will try to get better photos of these on the other camera and post them here if I can get clearer ones without glare (these were taken on the iPod, so the resolution is pretty low).

~ by justteejay on November 26, 2012.

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