Holly and Hashtags

What do tattooers do when they have taken time off? Why go visit other tattooers and make tattoos of course.

This weekend I was able to head a tad bit East and spend some time with some really awesome people. I will post the photos and follow them with the hashtags from the weekend.

deeds worries and peeves   suspects imitation and spite   urges fear and common sense   super powers and dread    More details on these can be found at emptysetprojects.com

Holly's arm tattoo   beautiful disaster   Holly and Stephan   stress tit   adventures instagramass   Stephan Lanphear and TeeJay and a jackalope   safety pin unicorn   safety pin unicorn   safety pin unicorn   safety pin unicorn   safety pin unicorn   sunset over the Thruway


I love my friends and am so incredibly grateful to have had some time to just hang out and relax.


And if you want to follow these sort of things, I am on Instagram under “justteejay”

~ by justteejay on November 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Holly and Hashtags”

  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend! That building in Pittsfield (emptysetsproject) is one of my favorites. I get honked at often at that light because I am reading the signs! 🙂 Looks like you have a great time!

    • I take photos of it everytime I am out there too : ) I was excited that I got all of them on the one side this time before the light changed. When I went to post this I went on their website for the first time. I think that I might have to order some of those to put in the shop windows.

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