November 3rd Figure Drawing and some (hopefully) better photos

Yesterday was another short day at Figure Drawing. I was only able to attend for two hours again. More bummed than usual as the long pose that they are working on is stunning. But two hours is much better than no hours!!!

I did seem to be having some issues with proportion again. But this just further illustrates the need for practice. One of the other artists was showing me a new (to us) artist’s paintings online last night. Absolutely breathtaking! (His name is Jeremy Mann, his website is RedRabbit7 ) On another day that kind of level of work would have just been discouraging (and/or made me more jealous of those who have been able to attend art school) but I decided that even if I can never get to be that good – doesn’t mean that I can’t keep working to be better.

gesture drawings male   gesture drawings male   gesture drawing male   gesture drawing male   gesture drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing seated male   figure drawing reclining male   figure drawing male standing

And here are some hopefully better photos of the paintings that I have been working on the last couple of weeks. The in progress shots have been taken with my Ipod which doesn’t have the best camera. These are taken with my regular camera.

The first two are pretty close to finished – may just need to be signed and sealed. The third definitely needs more work.

Bird and Key painting


owl and heart painting


skull dragonfly paintingI liked that you could see a little bit of “Fear of the Dark ” in the background behind this, so I didn’t crop it down all of the way.



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