I love Mondays

Keep in mind that my Mondays are like most people’s Sundays. I get the day off from work and get to do fun non-work related stuff.

When they are available, I take painting classes at the Steve Carpenter Studio on Mondays. Conveniently taught by Steve Carpenter (go figure). We are in the middle of a session of classes now. There was no class last week as Charles Reid was in studio teaching a watercolor workshop. This worked out well for me as I was in Detroit and wouldn’t have been able to go to class anyhow. Although when I got back and heard all the wonderful glowing reviews of Charles Reid, I was kind of bummed that I missed that.
Maybe next time.

Anyhow, made the most of my Monday. Started out in class Monday morning and worked on the Owl painting first.

owl painting in progress   owl with heart painting in progress   owl painting in progress   owl and heart painting in progress   I have some more that I would like to do on this one. Biggest thing being layering some more color onto the background… but I have to wait for this layer to dry some before doing so.

So onto the bird. I really should have painted the background onto this one first and then placed everything else on top of that. At this point everything I do with the background is wiping out my drawing – so I am just battling with it.

bird and key painting in progress   bird and key painting in progress   Steve came by and made some suggestions on background …. Bird painting with Steves background suggestions   Which I didn’t like at all. I then spent some time removing that and painting in a different color… which I didn’t like either. Then I wiped that off…. at which point Steve stopped back by and we discussed options and what I didn’t like about where the painting was going. (This is Steve’s arm in the photo)

bird painting critique    and like the other one I decided that it was mostly going to have to dry before I make the changes that I would like to it. All of which really isn’t a big deal as I don’t normally get to paint more than once a week anyhow. bird painting in progress   Having some more time on my hands and not having anywhere that I urgently needed to be… I painted a little bit more when I got home. Working on changing the color key in Caryl’s cat painting and adding a layer to the much neglected (and almost forgotten) Voodoo Doll.


cat and slug painting in progress   Cat and slug painting in progress   cat and slug painting in progress   voodoo doll painting in progress

Monday night I went back to Steve Carpenter’s for Open Figure Drawing. I was only able to stay from 6 to 8, but as always, was very glad that I went.

gesture drawing male   gesture drawing male   male figure drawing   seated figure drawing male   seated figure drawing male   standing figure drawing male   seated figure drawing male   seated figure drawing male   seated figure drawing male

Today is going to be one of those administrative days at work – ordering supplies, paying bills and trying to find a new counter person to work in the Greece location. Not much fun, but the kind of things that have to be taken care of. All rewarding in the Grand Scheme of things.

Basically like most people’s Mondays.

Hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing today it brings you joy and/or satisfaction at a job well done.

~ by justteejay on October 23, 2012.

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