Just so you don’t forget…

That I make tattoos.

Although with the rumours about how I charge $2000 a session and things like that it’s amazing people still come to see me! I’m always amused and fascinated by the stories that I hear from clients.

So no matter what you have heard. I am still around. I am still making tattoos and although I wish that I did, I do not charge $2,000 for you to sit down in my chair.

I am booked ridiculously far out. That part is true. It is hard to get an appointment with me. That part is also true. Because of that, if your tattoo can be done as well as or better by another artist, I will send you to that person to get the tattoo made by them instead. I have an amazingly talented group of artists around me.

So enough of the public service announcement. Here is some of what I have been up to since I have been here last.


Dina is awesome. I love her lots. We are making progress on her Rainbow Goblins sleeve and should be getting to fill in and background after I finish cramming as much color in there as I possibly can.

rainbow goblins tattoo sleeve

We added the Mock Turtle and Gryphon to Mariah’s Alice in Wonderland sleeve. This one is much closer to finished. A few Bread and Butterflies and some finishing touches and this one will be complete.

Mock Turtle and Gryphon tattoo

Stu wanted to add some background behind his runner… so what better than a giant skull? I don’t get to make anywhere near as many skull tattoos as I would like, so this was a treat for me. Plus Stu is great to hang out and visit with as well. He’s a pretty busy guy and you can keep up with his blog The Simple Twist and/or follow him The Sauce Podcast.

running skeleton tattoo

The Phoenix is on his other arm and I grabbed some healed photos. It was early enough in the day that the skylight burned out the top of his arm in the photos, I didn’t notice when I was taking the pictures. I will try again when I see him next.


Phoenix tattoo

Jake has big plans for his back and we were all settled in for a full day of tattooing when he got one of those phone calls. So unfortunately this was as far as we made it before he had to leave for the day.

Baird family crest tattoo

John was back to start on his left arm. This will be his family tree when it is finished. This is his second tattoo and as anticipated he sat great and we were able to get quite a bit done in the first session.

family tree tattoo

Back to painting class tomorrow and hopefully make some progress on the paintings that I haven’t touched in two weeks since the last class. Have no fear, I have been quite busy and have made tremendous progress on my book. So hopefully I will have painting photos for you tomorrow and news on the book soon.

~ by justteejay on October 21, 2012.

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