France – Part Deux

Some more pictures from my trip. These are taken from my day trip to Clermont-Ferrand

doorway   cathedral in distance   red doors   cathedral tower   cathedral   cathedral   close up side of cathedral with gargoyles   dudes and gargoyles on side of cathedral   cathedral   window from outside   looking up   looking up   cathedral at clermont ferrand   face on cathedral   dont know why this one is upside down   painted mural <—- Look at that one again, its a painting. gargoyle water spout   gargoyle water spouts   gargoyles and window   gargoyle water spouts   gargoyle water spouts   statue in town square clermont ferrand   cathedral at clermont ferrand   fountain   founatin   fountain winged lion   tourist shot   gryphon on fountain     what are they doing Its strange the things you can see on the top of cathedrals. not sure what they are doing up there   cathedral at clermont ferrand   cathedral window   cathedral doors   some of cathedral   cathedral tower   cathedral at Clermont Ferrand   washing feet     pascal road coin   vercingtorix road coin   urbain ii road coin   feet by road medaillion   its a happy store   fountains in town square clermont ferrand   statue   crypt sign


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