France 2012 (Part 1)

I am way behind on processing my photos. Since this is because I have been doing so many cool and amazing things lately, I am really not beating myself up about it. My photos for this trip are never truly going to be organized. I took photos on several different devices and there is no way I am going through and putting them back in order. Some of them are taken for memories and some for texture collections. I may share more after this part 1 or I may never get around to it. I’m not making any promises.

Church on Hill at sunset outside of Billom  I was told that this town is the Official Town of Scarecrows. They have a Scarecrow Festival every year.  Metal Scarecrow Sculpture  Some of the kids I was babysitting. three chickens and a duck   Looks innocent now, doesn’t he? This cat is a terror of chickens and liked to run across my head while I was trying to sleep. Good thing I am used to this behavior at home (well except for the tormenting chickens part). kitty terrorist looking innocent   roses and grapes   Walk into Billom. Beautiful down hill walk. Was a tad bit warm on the return trip. road to Billom   church tower Billom   church in Billom   church in Billom   head on fountain with residual spray paint   old metal mailbox   cows   Marsh Fly?think it is a marshfly, but not sure   wild blue berries  Some of the ruins from Vallee du Madet. Truly beautiful and these photos don’t come close to doing it justice.  bridge at Vallee du Madet   ruins Vallee du Madet   wall ruins at Vallee du Madet   path through Vallee du Madet   ruins Vallee du Madet   corner of building Vallee du Madet   ruins Vallee du Madet   ruins Vallee du Madet   outside stairs at house   rooster   I spent some time every day chasing chickens out of the house. Apparently they like to steal the cat food. chickens in house   Twilight

cat on carCats are the same the world over.

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