What if….

I have heard the advice so many times in my life that you should live every single day as if it might be your last.

Being the variety that tends to think about things way too much – I decided a long time ago that it wasn’t very good advice for me. I mean, if today was the last day of my life I probably wouldn’t go to work. I would eat all sorts of crap that really isn’t good for me and I would make sure to touch base with everyone that I could to tell them that I love them.

So if today didn’t wind up being the last day of my life and I did that every day… in pretty short order I would be sick, fat and unemployed. Plus would probably have the majority of people that I love dodging my incessant calling.

This past year has provided a number of really eye opening events which reiterated to me that we really don’t know how much time we have left. Not for us, not for the people that we love. Even if we don’t get hit by a bus, the person that we love and we thought that we were going to be growing old with might.

So I propose the 50/50 odds. Not on today, more like the year.

What if you thought that you had 50/50 odds that this might be the last year of your life. Would you take that vacation? What would you want to learn how to do? What would you do differently?
What if this was going to be the last year of being able bodied and healthy? What would you do differently?

I would travel more. I would go more of the places that I want to see. I would still stash away money and look to the future in case I do stick around – but I would make an effort to do more. To create more. To ask myself how I could make a difference in the world and what might I leave behind.

Never mind would. I am.

I just got back from France. I have taken several trips this year and I have several more planned. I am telling people that I love them and why I think they are wonderful. I have plans and schemes in the works for art projects far beyond anything that I have attempted thus far.

I don’t think I am dying – but I don’t know that I’m not.

I am living my life to the best of my ability. That’s all any of us can do.

Louvre at Sunset

~ by justteejay on August 21, 2012.

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