Trip to Pat’s Tats

Pat Sinatra is amazing. For way more reasons than I am going to get into here. I have wanted to get a tattoo from her for a really long time and am not sure why I haven’t prior to this.

Tuesday I was able to make the drive to Kingston, NY and correct this.

I had booked this appointment with Pat a while back telling her that I wanted something with wings. The rest was up to her.


The drive down to Kingston was a nice one and I found Pat’s shop over an hour before my appointment. So I wandered on down to the waterfront to hang out and relax. Found a neat little antique shop, but nothing in it that I couldn’t live without.

antique shop   pirate flag  map Kingston   at the RIver in Kingston NY   at the River Kingston NY   at the RIver Kingston NY   at the RIver Kingston NY   at the River Kingston NY   ducks   tugboat at the Maritime Museum Kingston NY   iron gate   wrought iron   wrought iron    waterfront Kingston NY   little man      

Pat’s place is really nice (of course) they had just moved in so it was not fully decorated and set up yet. Pat gave me a tour.

(a special note here for my uberGeek friends. Pat’s new place hadn’t been added to FourSquare yet, so I was able to add it and be the first check in.)

Pat's Tats   Pat's Tats Reception Desk   I covet Pat’s Otto sculpture. Maybe one of my field trips will have to be to head down and see if I can get one of my own. Otto Sculpture      skull pencil holder   Moozie?   I can’t remember the dog’s name. I want to say Moozie, but I don’t think that is right. I do remember that she was a rescue that was found in Springfield Mass on New Years Eve.

Of course I didn’t manage to get photos of the humans who work in the shop (duh!) I tend to forget the simple things sometimes.

Pat drew the design on. She made something pretty small, which I definitely wasn’t going to argue with since I was relatively scared about getting the inside of my knee tattooed. I think getting tattooed is easier now that I have stopped eating gluten and am not in constant pain to begin with… but it has SUCKED for so long that I am still pretty nervous when it comes time to get worked on.

drawn on tattoo   tattoo outlined   my tattoo from Pat Sinatra The visit was wonderful and all too brief, but when I realized I still had time to make it home at a reasonable hour I hustled out the door. I was grateful to have had some time to hang out with Lori and her client while I was getting tattooed and to have been able to meet Leonie and her family before I ran away.

mirror in Pat's tats   This shop operates on tattoo time. We suggest you Relax or Rescedule.   Things not to do in a tattoo studio    As soon as I got back on the road we had a pretty good downpour.sudden rain  It cleared up quickly and the drive home was pretty uneventful. I was pretty damn sick of being in the car about half way home. I think I have had more than enough driving for the week. Going away on another adventure this weekend – but Paul will be driving. (Yay!)

rain   rays of sunshine   cloud bank   nice clouds

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  1. Proud to be uberGeek!

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